14,000 credit cards affected in cyber attack

Hackers post 1,000s of Israeli card numbers online; card companies reassure costumers victims will be compensated.

keyboard computer Internet cyber warfare 311 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
keyboard computer Internet cyber warfare 311
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
The details of about 14,000 Israeli credit cards were posted Monday night on the One sports website by an international group of hackers, Israel Radio reported on Tuesday morning.
About 6,600 of the cards belonged to Isracard company customers. The credit card company advised that customers whose information was exposed would be notified and have their Internet capabilities frozen.
RELATED:Hackers hit US security think tank's website Leumi Card reported that 4,000 of its customers' credit card details were posted. The company has restricted the affected cards' Internet capabilities and was set to contact cardholders on Tuesday.
Both companies said that victims of identity theft would be compensated.
Saudi hackers claimed Monday to have published the credit card details of 400,000 Israelis.
The hackers published the list of cards, names and other personal details in a
30 megabyte file containing the details on the One sports website, which was hacked.
Israeli credit card companies have urged their customers to remain calm, and said they are taking all the required steps to secure credit accounts.
Visa CAL announced that it would suspend all accounts that were listed in the post, contact the affected customers Tuesday and issue new credit cards.
The Bank of Israel announced it would review the matter.
According to Army Radio, the hackers encouraged readers to use the information posted online to make purchases, and said they  would continue to publish more account information already in their possession.
The hackers also published details of tens of thousands of Jews living around the world, Maariv reported.
Some reports have suggested that the figures were stolen from coupon websites. Many of the credit card figures repeat themselves.