Abuhatzeira killer to remain under psychiatric evaluation

Asher Dahan to remain in custody in a secure psychiatric facility; a final psychiatric report has yet to be completed.

Abuhatzeira funeral_311 reuters (photo credit: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters)
Abuhatzeira funeral_311 reuters
(photo credit: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters)
The Beersheba Magistrate’s Court ruled on Wednesday to extend the remand of Asher Dahan, the 42-year-old Elad resident suspected of murdering Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira late last month.
Abuhatzeira, a well-known religious figure and grandson of the Baba Sali, was stabbed in the upper body by a visitor to his Beersheba yeshiva last month.
Paramedics attempted to resuscitate him, but the rabbi died en route to a hospital.
Other visitors to the yeshiva captured Dahan, 42, minutes after the incident and handed him over to police. Dahan was immediately arrested and remanded in custody.
The prosecution told the court on Wednesday that investigations into the case are still continuing.
Judge Sara Ora Haviv ruled to remand Dahan in custody in a secure psychiatric facility until August 24, when a further hearing will take place.
Judge Haviv wrote that her decision to extend Dahan’s remand was based on the suspicions against him, and because findings from the investigation and psychiatric evaluation indicate that he is a danger.
A final psychiatric report on Dahan has yet to be completed.
Dahan’s lawyer, attorney Kati Tzvetkov, did not oppose her client’s extended remand, but asked that the court expedite his psychiatric evaluation.
According to a report in Ma’ariv, Dahan explained that he had stabbed Rabbi Abuhatzeira after consulting him over marital problems.
“His advice caused my relationship with my wife to deteriorate,” Dahan said.
Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.