Barak calls on Braverman to resign from Labor party

Defense minister defends growing criticism; Braverman says Barak needs to look in mirror to see how public, party sees him.

Barak stink-eye 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Barak stink-eye 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday reacted to the growing criticism against him from within the Labor party and claimed that ministers and MKs who are not satisfied with him can simply resign.
During a party meeting, Barak reffered specifically to Minority Affairs Minister Avishay Braverman and claimed that Braverman wants to gather the party's institutional members for a conference, but announced in advance that he will not accept their decisions.
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In response, Braverman told Barak "The best gift you could receive is a mirror, so that you can see how the public sees you and know how the people within the party treat you."
Barak said at the meeting that "no one represents just themselves in the Knesset and the government, but represents the party."
He said that whoever feels that they can not follow the rules should draw conclusions and from previous examples and leave the government.
Barak added that promoting political negotiations is central for the Labor Party and said "We push this issue very hard and it will require a decision in due course."