Beduin woman suspected of shooting daughter-in-law

Police say dispute between Rahat women occurred before shooting; pregnant gunshot victim, 19, dies from injuries.

A 50-year-old woman from the Beduin town of Rahat is suspected of shooting her 19-year-old pregnant daughter in law to death on Thursday.
Police said a dispute between the women, who live in the same home, had occurred before the shooting.
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"We received a report of a gunshot victim and a moderately injured woman. The gunshot victim, 19, was found in critical condition and died of her injuries soon afterward. The second woman is being treated at the Soroka Medical Canter," a police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post.
"We still do not know what the dispute was about. All family members are being questioned, and the shooting suspect is under police guard in hospital," the spokesman said.
He added that the young woman was seven months pregnant.