Colombians who smuggled drugs in their bodies hospitalized

TA: Police say suspects have so far excreted 2.5 kilograms of liquid cocaine, could release more.

cocaine (photo credit: Wiki Commons)
(photo credit: Wiki Commons)
Two Colombians arrested on Friday at Ben-Gurion Airport on suspicion of smuggling liquid cocaine in their bodies are in a Tel Aviv hospital, where they have excreted the narcotic.
Police said the suspects, a 41-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman, have so far excreted 2.5 kilograms of liquid cocaine, and could release more. Their custody was extended in their absence at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court.
And last month, two brothers from Ghajar on the northern border were arrested on suspicion of smuggling cocaine, police announced on Wednesday.
Those arrests followed an undercover operation carried out by the police’s Lebanon Border Unit – a heavily armed force whose camouflaged members lie in ambush for drug-runners along the border, and the IDF’s Northern Command.
Police suspect the brothers, both in their 40s, smuggled cocaine acquired from a Lebanese citizen. They were caught with 1.2 kilograms of cocaine and $50,000 that was intended as payment for the drugs, police said.