Creators of Shaham ‘Hitler’ poster arrested

Municipality traffic enforcement officer attacked while writing a ticket for a illegally parked car.

Jerusalem Nazi flyer 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Jerusalem Nazi flyer 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Two residents of Bet Shemesh, aged 26 and 55, were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of distributing  a poster that portrayed Jerusalem police chief Cmdr. Niso Shaham in Nazi uniform. The men were arrested for incitement to violence.
The police’s National Serious and International Crimes Unit oversaw the arrests.
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The flyer, which was distributed to mailboxes in haredi (ultra-Orthodox) areas in Jerusalem, shows Shaham’s head pasted onto a photo of Hitler, with the words, “Adolf Nisso Shaham – Genocide!” and “We made it through Hitler, and we will make it through his successor.”
Also on Wednesday, a municipality traffic enforcement officer was attacked while writing a ticket for an illegally parked car, as dozens of haredim surrounded him and stole his camera. The officer was not hurt and did not require any medical attention.
When police arrived on the scene, the attackers fled. Police have opened an investigation to identify them.