Dust storm from North Africa fogs Israel

Environment ministry recommends those suffering asthma, the elderly and young children to avoid physical activity.

Tel Aviv in Dust Storm_390 (photo credit: Elana Kirsh)
Tel Aviv in Dust Storm_390
(photo credit: Elana Kirsh)
Israelis awoke Tuesday morning to a sepia-tinted landscape caused by a cloud of dust that enveloped the country from Eilat to Metula.
The Environmental Protection Ministry warned of above-average air pollution and said there was a notable increase in the presence of airborne dust particles in cities nationwide from a dust storm that originated in North Africa and blew over to Israel.
The ministry recommended those suffering asthma, the elderly, pregnant women and young children to avoid strenuous physical activity due to the poor air quality.
The dusty fog, which caused a sharp decrease in visibility, forced authorities in Tel Aviv's Dov Hoz Airport to cancel the day's flights until the dust storm lifted.
The dust cloud was expected to remain in Israeli skies until Wednesday. Temperatures were expected to drop Tuesday night, after a warmer-than-average weekend.