Elite police unit officer indicted for stealing IDF arms

Three others accused of theft of weapons, conspiracy to commit a crime and illegal weapons possession.

weapons (photo credit: Israel Police)
(photo credit: Israel Police)
The Tel Aviv District Attorney’s office filed indictments on Monday against a police officer and three other men, accusing them of theft of weapons, conspiracy to commit a crime and illegal weapons possession.
The main defendant, who is a serving officer in an elite police unit and who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was arrested on October 9 after a search of his apartment revealed a large stash of weapons and ammunition.
Among the weapons alleged to have been discovered in the defendant’s home were large quantities of rifle and machine gun bullets, snares, coiled wire trips, ignition devices and explosives.
Police also say they discovered two handguns, for which the officer had no permit, in the apartment.
The indictment charges the defendant with stealing the weapons from the IDF base where he served from 2000-2003.
The defendant is further alleged to have taken these weapons from the store without his commanding officer’s permission or knowledge, and later transported them to his own home.
The second charge against the defendant relates to the other three men arrested in connection with the alleged offenses.
The indictment charges that one of the men had approached the officer at some stage during his military service and asked him to procure him a weapon.
The defendant is alleged to have stolen a weapon, concealed it in a sealed plastic bag and stashed it in a refuse bin close to his home.
The three other defendants are alleged to have conspired together to collect the weapon from its hiding place and take it to their apartment.
Along with the indictments, the District Attorney’s office also served requests to remand all four defendants throughout the legal proceedings.
According to the remand request, the main defendant told police investigators that the other men asked him on several occasions to supply them with weapons.