Ex-Tax Authority investigator to be indicted

David Vanunu is suspected to have accepted bribes from a number of people in return for making tax problems "go away."

David Vanunu 311 (photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
David Vanunu 311
(photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
Poilice authorities have submitted their statement to the court prosecutor regarding head of the Tax Authority’s National Investigations and Field Intelligence Branch, David Vanunu's case.
Vanunu is suspected of receiving bribes in exchange for making tax problems disappear. His remand will last another five days, and police seek to extend his detention until the end of proceedings against him.
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In February a number of men suspected of giving bribes to Vanunu were questioned at the National Fraud Unit's Lod headquarters.
Tax Authority head Yehuda Nasradishi has said that Vanunu was only a low-level investigator, and that the authority is not victim to widespread corruption.