From ash to rain, weird weather across country

A cloud of volcanic ash from an Eritrean volcano reaches Eilat while residents of the North cope with unseasonal rain.

Chile lightning and volcano ash 521 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Chile lightning and volcano ash 521
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Tuesday brought strange weather to both the northern and southern regions of the country.
Meteorologists confirmed that the ash cloud from an Eritrean volcano had indeed reached Eilat, but authorities insisted there was no health danger to civilians and also that flights at both Eilat Airport and Ben-Gurion International Airport were running on schedule.
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In the north of the country, residents of the Golan and Galilee regions were surprised on Tuesday morning to awake to rain, an extremely rare occurrence during the summer months. The precipitation was accompanied by increased winds.
The winter weather is not expected to last for long, however. Wednesday's forecast is dry with an increase in temperatures -- which is back to normal for June.