‘He had a crazy look in his eye...running down everything'

"It was deliberate," witnesses say; Bar Lev St. strewn with wreckage, damaged cars; angry residents at scene shout "death to Arabs."

The normally bustling Rehov Bar- Lev in south Tel Aviv was eerily quiet on Sunday morning, shortly after a truck driver plowed through cars and rammed a bus on the main street in this working class neighborhood.
The silence was broken by the sounds of broken glass crunching under shoes, as policemen analyzed the 20-ton truck that came to a stop outside of a school and cameramen snapped shots of the scene.
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Although police have stopped short of declaring the incident to be a terror attack, local residents have no doubt that the scenes of carnage they witnessed were caused deliberately.
One eyewitness, 18-year-old Natalie, who lives in the area, told The Jerusalem Post she spotted the driver shortly before he hit the bus.
“He had a crazy look in his eye. He drove in zigzags, deliberately running down everything he saw,” she said.
“It was obvious it was deliberate,” Natalie said. “He was looking at the road to see what was there, and then back down at his wheel.”
A second woman, who asked not to be named, was visibly traumatized after seeing the truck run over the vehicle belonging to Aviv Morag, 29, who was killed instantly.
“I was sitting in my car, waiting in traffic, when this truck came out of nowhere and hit the car in front of me,” Natalie said.
“I’m in shock. I saw the driver in the car slump over. I remember he had brown jeans. Paramedics later came and declared him dead,” she said.
“I was saved because I was reading these prayers,” said the woman, holding up a small Chabad prayer book.