Hit-and-run kills female soldier

At least two cars hit 19-year-old girl on Highway 66 near Yokne'am.

crime scene (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [illustrative])
crime scene
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [illustrative])
A hit-and-run driver killed a female soldier Friday morning on Highway 66 near Yokneam in the North. A second and third car also hit the 19-year-old as she was lying on the road.
MDA paramedics pronounced the her dead on the scene.
According to a Channel 10 report, police suspect that the girl was on her way home from a nightclub. They estimated that a few minutes before the fatal accident, the girl got out of a car on Route 66, and went into a gas station. When she left the gas station, she crossed the road and was hit by a car, which did not stop. After she was hit by the first car, a second vehicle also hit her.
A newspaper distributor who arrived at the scene reported to the gas station that there was a body lying at the side of the road. The gas station attendant called MDA and the police.
A few minutes after the girl was hit, a third car trying to avoid her body turned over. The driver and passengers were lightly injured and taken to Rambam Medical Center for medical treatment.
Police were searching for the drivers involved in the incident.