IAF thwarts attempt to fire rockets into Israel

Israel Air Force hits terrorist cell in Gaza; Palestinians say at least 3 killed; IDF strikes cell trying to place bomb at border.

Smoke rises in Gaza after IAF air strike 370 (R) (photo credit: Amir Cohen/Reuters)
Smoke rises in Gaza after IAF air strike 370 (R)
(photo credit: Amir Cohen/Reuters)
The Air Force struck a terror cell in the Gaza Strip that was about to launch rockets into Israel, the IDF said Wednesday night.
The cell had been involved in past rocket fire on southern Israel, the IDF added.
"We identified an accurate strike," the IDF Spokesman Unit said.
Palestinian sources said at least three men were killed in the airstrike, and one injured. The Palestinians said that the cell had been hit near the border. The wounded were rushed to a local hospital via ambulances.
The airstrikes came after several rockets were fired at Israel over the past week, one of which struck and damaged a home in Sderot early on Friday morning.
On Thursday morning the IDF also struck a terrorist cell attempting to place an explosive device on the Gaza border.
Soldiers from the Givati Brigade along with tanks and IAF aircraft successfully struck the terrorist cell.
Israel’s ambassador Ron Prosor wrote Wednesday in a blistering letter to Security Council President Gerard Araud that a group of researchers on the moon could have produced a more accurate and balanced report on Gaza than the one the UN produced this week.
He wrote: “This week, Israel’s children started their school year with the all-too-familiar sounds of sirens and explosions, as terrorists in Gaza fired six more rockets into their communities."