Islamic Jihad operative killed by IAF strike in Gaza

IDF says Mohammed Najar was involved in planning "massive" terror attack in Israel; IAF strike comes after Kassam lands near Ashkelon; 'Asharq Alawsat' says Hamas trying to stop Gaza groups from firing rockets.

kassam fired 224 88 (photo credit: )
kassam fired 224 88
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A person riding a motorcycle in the Gaza Strip was killed an IAF strike, the IDF spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday.
According to a statement released by the spokesperson, an IAF aircraft targeted an Islamic Jihad operative, Mohammed Najar, who was involved in planning a "massive" terror attack in Israel.
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The statement added: "This operation disrupts the execution of an attack by Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization that has been involved in the firing of rockets towards Israeli territory and IDF forces in the past few days."
Earlier, Adham Abu Salmia said the airstrike took place in the southern Gaza Strip. He had no details on the man's identity.
Also Tuesday, Israel Radio cited an Asharq Alawsat report that Hamas is trying to convince groups in Gaza to stop firing rockets at Israel. The report was published as a rocket from the Strip landed south of Ashkelon, causing no casualties or damage.
According to the report, Hamas also deployed operatives along the border with Israel in order to maintain control over the Strip.
Palestinian sources quoted by Asharq Alawsat said that representatives from the different Gaza groups refused to commit to a ceasefire with Israel or to prevent retaliation for Israeli actions. They did, however, agree not to initiate an escalation.
On Monday evening, three Kassam rockets were fired into Israeli territory and exploded in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. The rockets fell in an open area and did not cause any injuries or damage.
Over 20 Qassam rockets and mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip landed in Israeli territory since the beginning of 2011.
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