Israeli hackers down Gaza, UAE bank websites

'IDF Team' hackers warn they will "disable stock market, gov't, economic, security sites" if attacks against Israelis continue.

keyboard computer Internet cyber warfare 311 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
keyboard computer Internet cyber warfare 311
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Israeli hackers operating under the name “IDF Team” brought down the website of the Arab Bank of Palestine Thursday morning in retaliation for an attack on Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority website.
In a message sent to The Jerusalem Post overnight on Thursday, members of IDF Team said that by 10 a.m., the Gaza-based Arab Bank of Palestine’s website would be disabled, together with the website of the UAE’s central bank.
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On Wednesday night, Arab hackers succeeded in breaking into the server of the Anti- Drug Authority, and redirecting visitors to a website which features images of Palestinian gunmen crouching near a depiction of the Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem.
The words “death to Israel” were written in Hebrew alongside extensive Arabic messages.
“Gaza hackers were here” was also written on the Web page.
The attack represented an escalation from the distributed denial of service attack earlier this week against the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al, which took the sites offline, but did not compromise their servers.
IDF Team described the latest hacks as “terrorist acts against Israel” and condemned “attempts to disrupt the normal course of life in Israel.”
The Israeli hackers warned that “if there are no change in the near future... [we] will disable stock market sites, government sites, and sites related to... economy and even security.”
Also on Thursday, anti-Israel hackers said they published an additional 7,000 Israeli credit card companies.
The publication included the full credit card numbers, security codes that appear on the backs of the cards, and expiration dates.