Israeli vanishes when hippo flips boat in Zambia

Rescue efforts underway for Yariv, who was on vacation with his children when their boat was flipped on Zambezi River; his kids are safe.

zambezi 311 (photo credit: iStockphoto)
zambezi 311
(photo credit: iStockphoto)
Tel Aviv based criminal attorney Aviyam Yariv, 39, was traveling with his son and daughter down the Zambezi River in Zambia on Tuesday when a hippopotamus flipped their boat.
Yariv's children were initially swept down stream, but were wearing life preservers and were saved. Search parties have begun efforts to recover Yariv.
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The attorney's mother, famed poet, editor, actress and model Hilit Yeshurun flew to Zambia to assist in search efforts.
As Israel does not operate a consulate in Zambia, the Israeli Ambassador to Kenya was set to travel from Nairobi to Zambia to help the family.
Aviyam Yariv was previously associated with the Avigdor Feldman Law Office in Tel Aviv, but opened up a private practice several years ago.
The Zambezi River flows from Zambia to the Indian Ocean. Its most famous feature is Victoria Falls, though the river is known to be very dangerous as it is filled with hippopotami and crocodiles.