Israelis shop for Election Day sales

Many chain and boutique stores sent out text messages to clients to let them know about Election Day discounts.

Ramat Aviv mall on Election Day, January 22, 2013 370 (photo credit: DANIELLE ZIRI)
Ramat Aviv mall on Election Day, January 22, 2013 370
(photo credit: DANIELLE ZIRI)
For many Israelis, Tuesday was a “two-for-one” day – elections and shopping. And the retailers were ready for them.
At the Ramat Aviv Mall in north Tel Aviv, shops displayed large signs informing customers of markdowns that ranged between 30 and 70 percent.
“I didn’t come specifically because of the sales,” Dana, who had just gotten out of a branch of the Spanish fashion chain Zara, told The Jerusalem Post. “I came now because I have time today, which I usually don’t, so It’s good to have a day off.
“I went to a restaurant for lunch with some friends and family, and came to the mall right after,” she continued, “but most important, I went to vote first thing this morning.”
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As shoppers walked between the stores, others stood in line for tables at the coffee shops of the two-floor shopping complex, while others were still looking for parking spots outside.
“We actually wanted to go to Dizengoff Center, but it was so crowded it was a nightmare to look for parking, so we lost hope and decided to come here instead,” Revital Goldstein, who was there with her daughter and a friend, told the Post. “It feels great to have a day off where everything is open,” she added.
Many chain and boutique stores had sent out text messages to clients throughout the day on Monday to let them know about Tuesday’s discounts.
Orly Mozes, a resident of the area, was especially pleased with her findings from the Israeli clothing store Honigman: “They had 50 percent off!” she said, lifting up her paper shopping bag.
“I’m really trying not to go into any more shops, it’s not good for me,” she added with a smile.
“I think its great to have one day free in the middle of the week like this,” said Ariel Raz, who had spent some two hours shopping and was on his way out. “I took advantage of this day to come and buy things I needed but also some things that I just saw now and decided to pick up,” he said, “Now I’m off to lunch, to enjoy the sun and then I’ll go vote.”