Kassam rocket lands south of Ashkelon; none hurt

After two days of calm, Palestinians launch rocket from Gaza Strip which lands in open fields; no damage reported.

gaza rocket 311 (photo credit: Eshkol Regional Council)
gaza rocket 311
(photo credit: Eshkol Regional Council)
A Kassam rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in open fields south of Ashkelon on Thursday evening.
No injuries were reported and no damage was caused.
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The last rocket to be fired from Gaza before Thursday evening's attack was on Tuesday when a rocket exploded in the Sderot area causing no damage or injuries.
In an attempt to limit the damage caused by rocket fire, Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited the Beersheba battery of the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system on Thursday, announcing that its trial deployment has begun.
IAF commander Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan told reporters that "this battery is ready for action," and expressed pride that it is "The fruit of Israeli development and is being operated by Israelis."