Kids’ show ‘The Jokesters’ films Knesset episode

Show which stars four yellow puppets will explain concepts such as state symbols, laws and the national anthem.

Rivlin with puppet 370 (photo credit: Tzachi Tzelniker)
Rivlin with puppet 370
(photo credit: Tzachi Tzelniker)
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin is known to crack an occasional joke in the plenum, but on Thursday, he spent the day in the Knesset with a group of jokesters – The Jokesters, that is.
Children’s television program Hakuntzonim (“The Jokesters”) filmed its Independence Day episode in the Knesset. The show, which stars four yellow puppets, is aired on Hop!, the early childhood network on cable and satellite TV.
The scenes filmed in the Knesset are meant for children aged two to seven, and will explain concepts such as the state symbols, laws, the national anthem and others.
The Kuntzonim puppet family – a father, mother, son and daughter – were filmed going on a tour of the Knesset, which included visiting Rivlin’s office with a group of young children.
“The Knesset is for the whole nation, and the public should feel connected to the Knesset at any age,” Rivlin said. “I am happy to cooperate in creative cooperative efforts that will bring the Knesset closer to more audiences, such as young children.”
Rivlin added that he enjoyed having the children and puppets in his office, and hoped that they had a positive experience in the Knesset.