Lawyer suspected of hiring hit man to kill witness

Charges against attorney Gor Finkelstein include ordering hits on ex-wife, her boyfriend, city official, plot to blow up Jaffa Scientology Center.

311_gavel (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
A Haifa court extended the remand of attorney Gor Finkelstein eight days on Sunday. Finkelstein, who is currently on trial for allegedly hiring hit men to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend, among other charges, was arrested in Hasharon Prison Sunday under suspicion that he attempted to arrange the murder of a witness in his current trial.
The witness is also a prisoner. Finkelstein's father was also arrested on suspicion that he tried to help hire the hit-man to kill the witness. His remand was extended four days.
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Gor Finkelstein is suspected of paying hundreds of thousands of shekels to seven alleged Jaffa mobsters to bomb the Scientology Center building in Jaffa for financial gain. When the plot, involving a truck filled with gas canisters and 300 liters of gasoline failed, the men were ordered to set the building on fire. That attempt resulted in failure as well.
He is also suspected of sending the men on failed bids to kill a senior Tel Aviv Municipality official, Sota Hovel, who had disrupted his financial plans for the Scientology building.
Additionally, Finkelstein is accused of hiring hit men to murder his ex-wife and her partner, Daniel Cohen, in Haifa. Those assassination attempts, which involved a bomb planted in the partner’s car, failed. The device went off as the partner and his daughter were in the vehicle.
Cohen was wounded and his daughter suffered from shock.
Finkelstein has denied all allegations against him.