Live Twitter stream: Protesting for the love of Iran

Half of Israelis are against a strike on Iran, according to a recent Knesset Channel poll; that fifty percent has decided to make its voice heard.

Iranians we love you (photo credit: Facebook)
Iranians we love you
(photo credit: Facebook)
The Jerusalem Post's Ben Hartman will follow hundreds of Israelis fed up with war rhetoric as they take to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night, spreading messages of love for Iranians. Hartman will share observations and insights, as well as pictures and videos live from the protest. Lifestyle editor, Yoni Cohen will also be live tweeting from the protest.
Protestors have been encouraged to prepare signs that read 'Iranians we love you' and 'The people oppose war in Iran' for their march from Habima Square to Gan Meir.
The march follows a campaign run by both Israelis and Iranians, where messages of peace, solidarity and hope were exchanged online.