Man falls from Judean Desert waterfall, dies

Ein Gedi rescue teams dispatched to Salvadoura Valley, where fallen hiker is in serious condition, his three friends are stranded.

Judean Desert wadi, valley_370 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Judean Desert wadi, valley_370
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
A hiker that fell some 80 meters from a cliff near a waterfall in a Judean Desert valley on Friday has died from his wounds.
The man, who Ein Gedi rescue services said was in his 30s, plummeted from the tallest waterfall in the Salvadoura Valley, which is near the northern shores of the Dead Sea.
Rescue teams were attempting to recover the man's body from deep inside the desert valley into the evening hours. Some 80 rescue forces were dispatched to the scene, according to Channel 10 news.
Three additional people that were hiking with the man were also in a precarious situation Friday evening, trapped on a large boulder some 300 meters above ground.
A helicopter dispatched to the scene attempted to rescue the three, but was unable to remove them from on the boulder because of complications in the dangerous operation, Channel 10 news reported.
The accident happened less than a week after another hiker fell into a deep waterhole, drowning shortly after his fall. The Jerusalem yeshiva student, in his 20s, was hiking with his friends on the Prat River, also in the Judean Desert, when he fell to his death.