Mother’s pin nearly punctures baby’s lungs

Doctors say one false move could have caused it to puncture his lung, endanger his life; surgeons in Emek Hospital in Afula pulled it out.

pin_311 (photo credit: Emek Medical Center)
(photo credit: Emek Medical Center)
A year-old boy inhaled a sharp 3.5-centimeter-long pin and was in serious danger until surgeons at Emek Medical Center in Afula managed to pull it out without damaging his lungs.
Last week, the parents noticed he was choking, but they had not seen him put any foreign object in his mouth. They took him to hospital, where doctors X-rayed the child and saw in his right lung a long, sharp pin whose other end had a “pearl-like” sphere.
The doctors said one false move could have caused it to puncture his lung and endanger his life.
Fortunately, the head of the pin was on the far side, allowing them to grab the sharp end and pull it towards the trachea and get it out. When it had been extracted, the mother recognized it as having been on one of her pieces of clothing that had apparently fallen to the floor, where the baby picked it up.
Dr. Yossi Segal from the ear nose and throat department said babies and toddlers suddenly discover a “new world” when they are more mobile and are curious.
“They investigate everything via their mouths. Parents to children of these ages must be aware all the time of the possibility of foreign objects and prevent life-threatening situations like this.”