New Israel Radio head: ‘No plans’ to fire veteran hosts

People spreading these rumors, says Miro, have some kind of destructive agenda and want to poison atmosphere at Israel Radio.

Mickey Miro (photo credit: IBA)
Mickey Miro
(photo credit: IBA)
Michael Miro, the new head of Israel Radio, has published a statement denying allegations that he intends to interfere with the style of veteran radio journalists such as Arye Golan, Keren Neubach and Yaron Dekel, who are all integral to the morning programs on Reshet Bet.
The allegations have been published in several media outlets, giving rise to fears that Miro is anxious to allay.
Mickey Miro new head of Israel Radio
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The people spreading these rumors, said Miro, have some kind of destructive agenda and want to poison the atmosphere at Israel Radio.
Moreover, Miro continued, the rumormongers have created the impression that any decisions he has made so far are politically rather than professionally motivated, an allegation he emphatically denies.
Miro said that obviously, as the new head of Israel Radio, he wants to introduce change into all stations and to the various programs, but that should not be interpreted as an intention to harm veteran broadcasters, but as a desire to improve the quality of broadcasts.
Nonetheless, journalists at Reshet Bet are complaining about changes that Miro has already introduced, and are fearful that he is trying to muzzle anchors from voicing their opinions on air, a factor that could adversely affect ratings.
Miro was very fond of voicing his own opinion in his various interview programs over the years, and often cut across his interviewees to do so.
His recent appointment is still a matter of controversy between the Jerusalem Journalists Association and the IBA.