Pazgas workers to give testimonies on Netanya gas blast

Employees of fuel company asked to give details on how gas tanks were maintained in Netanya building before deadly blast killed 4 people.

Netanya Blast 465 2 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Netanya Blast 465 2
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Employees of Pazgas, a subsidiary of Israel's largest fuel company, and Netanya municipal workers were called to give testimonies to the police Sunday, following Thursday night's deadly gas explosion which rocked a four-story building in Netanya and left four people dead and at least 90 others injured.
The Pazgas employees will be asked to provide details on how gas tanks were maintained in the building on Atzmaut Street in the city.
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An investigation into the incident has so far led to the arrest of two suspects, but police say evidence in the case is still missing, and the perpetrator behind the explosion is still unknown.
One suspect, who allegedly stole metal cables from the building and who is suspected of manslaughter and theft, denied any connection to the gas leak that led to the explosion. The gas technician who was supposed to repair the gas leak, and who was also arrested Friday with the first suspect, claims that he fixed the damage, making sure there was no longer a leak.
Three teenage girls and one man were among the casualties in Thursday's blast.
Rivka Masihid, 17, Rivka Dorai, 18, and Stacy Brock, 17, all residents of the city, were killed after returning from the local Chabad House. The girls reportedly had gone to pick up Shabbat candles in order to hand them out to local residents.
Mohammed Abu Attar, 28, was also killed in Thursday night's blast, but likely from gas tank explosions on Herzl Street and not from inside the building. Channel 10 news said that Attar was to be married in the coming months.