Peruvian nabbed at airport swallowed 40 condoms of cocaine

Suspected "drug mule" arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport.

A Peruvian man suspected of being a “drug mule” was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport on Sunday and was found to have swallowed over 40 condoms containing liquid cocaine, police said on Monday.
The 25-year-old suspect landed in Israel on Sunday and was stopped for a search due to suspicions that he was smuggling drugs into the country.
Officers from the airport’s 747 Unit, which specializes in intercepting drug shipments, found that liquid cocaine had been sewn into shirts and suits wrapped in plastic in the suspect’s suitcase.
He was transferred to the Tel Aviv Police’s central unit for further questioning.
He told detectives he was carrying additional cocaine, which he had swallowed, and produced two condoms containing liquid cocaine. The suspect also told detectives he was due to arrive at a hotel and sell the drugs.
Instead, he was taken to hospital, where he excreted a further 41 condoms full of liquid cocaine weighing a total of 1.2 kilograms.
“Additional arrests are expected,” Tel Aviv Police said in a statement on Monday.
Meanwhile, in a separate cocaine bust, three suspects from Bat Yam and Petah Tikva were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of attempting to smuggle synthetic cocaine from China via postal packages.
The three, aged 25, 29, and 30, had been the subject of a three-week undercover investigation by the Tel Aviv Police’s central unit.
On Friday, four packages addressed to the suspects and containing 1.8 kg. of cocaine were intercepted by the 747 Unit and transferred to the central unit.
Officers arrested the three suspects soon afterward. During searches of their homes, police seized $35,000, NIS 15,000 and 14 bags of diamonds of unknown origin, as well as 60 grams of cocaine and 300 grams of the “Mr.
Nice Guy” drug, which has been described as a dangerous synthetic drug that mimics the effects of cannabis.
Two vehicles were also impounded during the raids.