PM visits families of Toulouse shooting victims

Netanyahu tells murdered 8-year-old's family, “If they could have, these murderers would have murdered every Jew.”

PM on condolence visit (photo credit: Courtesy PMO)
PM on condolence visit
(photo credit: Courtesy PMO)
For people like Toulouse terrorist Mohamed Merah, “occupied territory” is anywhere a Jew walks, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Thursday during a shiva call to Eva Sandler, who lost her husband and two young sons in Monday’s attack.
Netanyahu, who visited Sandler as well as the parents and siblings of Miriam Monsonego, the eight-year-old girl murdered in the attack in Toulouse, told Sandler Israel would help her in any way possible.
“The State of Israel was established to be a shield for the Jewish people,” he said.
At the condolence call to the Monsonego family, Netanyahu – accompanied by French Ambassador Christophe Bigot – said that “if they could, these murderers would kill every Jew.
“It is awful to think about little Miriam, who was murdered so brutally,” he said.
The prime minister, who lost his brother Yonatan in the 1976 Entebbe raid, said bereavement was like a disability.
“It is painful and debilitating. It is as if a limb of your body has been cut off. We all pray that you find the strength to deal with your pain,” he said.