Police have ‘smoking gun’ against twins’ parents

Court extends remands of parents accused of abusing 4-month-old twins; police claim to have new evidence against them.

baby twins 390 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
baby twins 390
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Police said Sunday that new and damning evidence has been obtained against the parents suspected of abusing their four-month- old twins.
The statement was made by a police representative to the Tel Aviv Magistrates’ Court during a remand hearing for the parents.
During the court session the police representative described the new evidence against the parents as a “smoking gun.”
The court extended the father’s remand by three days, and the mother’s remand by 24 hours.
Attorney Zion Amir, who represents the parents, dismissed the claims and said police have not demonstrated any progress in their investigation against his clients.
“You haven’t progressed by a centimeter,” Amir said during the court session.
The mother of the twins was re-arrested on Saturday night, days after failing a lie detector test which was taken while she was under house arrest.
Amir described the development as “scandalous,” and recounted in court how he made a “furious” call to police demanding to know what led to the re-arrest.
Last week, the couple’s four-month- old boy died in hospital.
Doctors said serious internal injuries were caused by physical abuse prior to the arrest.
The parents said they have not harmed the babies, and that a rare genetic disease may have caused the injuries.