Police uncover weapons cache in east Jerusalem

Guns and explosives were hidden in vegetable shop near Damascus Gate; investigation into criminals' motives ongoing.

Weapons cache 370 (photo credit: Courtesy Jerusalem Police)
Weapons cache 370
(photo credit: Courtesy Jerusalem Police)
Jerusalem police announced Tuesday that they uncovered a massive weapons cache last month hidden inside a vegetable market in east Jerusalem.
Police arrested five Israeli Arabs from east Jerusalem and three Palestinians from the Hebron area over the past month. Two brothers from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, the central suspects, were indicted over the weekend in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court and will be in detention until the end of legal proceedings.
National police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said police and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) are still investigating whether the weapons cache was designated for carrying out terror attacks or for criminal activity unconnected to nationalistic motives.
On August 8, police raided a vegetable market on Sultan Suleiman Street, in the economic heart of east Jerusalem, after receiving intelligence that the building was housing a large amount of weapons.
Police discovered multiple explosives, hand grenades, different kinds of pistols and bullets.
The room was hidden behind a vegetable market and had photos of different martyrs on the walls as well as Hamas flags, head gear to hide their faces, stolen berets from the border police and NIS 250,000. Police also discovered a weapons silencer, something that Rosenfeld said illustrates the fact that the people involved in obtaining the weapons are very advanced and organized.
“This is a quality stash of different types of weapons,” said Rosenfeld. “Silencers you don’t find every day. They were much more focused and on a higher level. The fact that it was hidden inside a grocery store, that it was clearly being hidden, that’s also very suspicious.”