‘Price-tag’ vandals slash tires in Shuafat

Fringe activists spray "death to the enemy," right-wing slogans, damage 6 cars following IDF demolition of 3 Yitzhar structures.

Car damaged in price tag attack 370 (photo credit: Ilene Prusher)
Car damaged in price tag attack 370
(photo credit: Ilene Prusher)
The words tag mahir – price tag – and other nationalist slogans were spray-painted on east Jerusalem cars on Sunday morning, in the latest attack by vandals affiliated with the extreme fringe of the settlement movement.
The assailants entered the neighborhood of Shuafat early Sunday and spray-painted numerous cars and walls – not just with the by-now infamous “price tag” but with a slew of other rightist slogans.
These included “Death to the enemy,” “Freedom for the homeland” and hakipot hasrugot – “the knitted skullcaps” – a reference not only to the national-religious movement, but also apparently to a fledgling outpost that was evacuated last week.
The assailants also wrote “Regards from Ettinger,” an apparent reference to right-wing activist Meir Ettinger, indicted for tracking IDF activity and collecting military information – as part of a brazen raid by militant settlers on the Ephraim Territorial Brigade base last December.
In addition to the graffiti, the perpetrators damaged six cars, slashing some tires.
The attack follows a struggle between settlers and IDF forces Thursday, in a national- religious outpost near Yitzhar in the West Bank, after authorities razed three structures.
Some single men were apparently living in at least one of the buildings. One settler was arrested for violating a restraining order by which he had been banned from the area.
Yitzhar settlers charge that the IDF acted with excessive force.
“These slogans are all connected with previous incidents that have taken place,” Israel Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.
“Our police arrived on the scene soon after the attack.
We believe that this is a criminal incident with nationalist motives. A number of incidents of this sort have taken place in Jerusalem, and also Latrun.
“Although the majority of recent incidents were against Christian churches and organizations, we’re looking into whether we can make any concrete connection with previous incidents.”
Police are also investigating the possibility that the vandalism attack came in response to the stabbing on Friday of a 34-year-old Jewish man in Ras el-Amud.