Rabbis defend ‘Torat Hamelech’

The tenets of the Torat Hamelech book are taken from senior Sephardi adjudicator Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Yecheve Da’at book, his son Rabbi Ya’acov Yosef told a packed Jerusalem synagogue on Wednesday night, noting that his father received the Israel Prize for that composition.
Yosef’s talk followed a lesson given by Kiryat Arba Rabbi Dov Lior.
Arrest warrants have been recently issued against the two rabbis for their refusal to report for police questioning over the rabbinic endorsement they gave to Torat Hamelech, which states that according to Halacha, innocent non-Jews can be killed during warfare under certain conditions.
Yosef also explained how he and Lior are defying the secular authority’s directives, in what appears to be a contradiction to the halachic principle of dina demalchuta dina – the law of the regime is law. That principle, he said, would apply when the regime treats everyone equally.