Ramle boy tells his mother he was attacked by Arab kids because he is Jewish

10-year-old says two Arab peers hit him after he confirmed to them he was Jewish; police: Complaint still under investigation.

Ramble boy who was attack with mother (pixelated) 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ramble boy who was attack with mother (pixelated) 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A ten-year-old boy from Ramle told his mother he was attacked by Arab boys because he is Jewish.
The police is investigating the incident that happened a week ago in which two Arabs punched the boy after he confirmed to them that he was Jewish.
"They asked if he was Jewish and followed him until he said 'yes,'" the boy's mother told Sof HaShavua. "Then they started hitting him hard in his face and ears. One of them even bit [my son's] hand. They stopped and ran away only when an adult happened by and yelled at them."
According to the mother, the bruised boy came to her workplace frightened and crying and told her what has happened.
"I never felt like it was an issue that Ramle was a mixed city," she said. "My son has a good friend from school who is Arab and he never feared him. But now all of a sudden, because of racial hatred, my son is attacked just because he is Jewish."
"After he was attacked, he told me 'I should have told them I was Arab,'" she added.
The mother filed a complaint to the police, but she said she was told there is a strong likelihood the attackers will not be caught.
"The investigating officer told me there is not much to do because these are minors and he can't even show us their pictures in order to identify them. There were no security cameras in the area, and there is no way to track them down," she said.
The police confirmed the existence of such a complaint, and said it was being investigated.
"The complainant was unable to say for certainty whether the attackers were Arab or Jewish kids, and all he said was that they were kids of around 10 years of age," the police said in a statement.