Separate car accidents in Binyamina, Poleg kill three

Ten-year-old boy killed crossing Coastal Highway; Kadima MK Yaakov Edri's nephew, Or Akiva resident die in head-on collision.

Deadly car accident 311 (photo credit: ZAKA / Tzvika Level)
Deadly car accident 311
(photo credit: ZAKA / Tzvika Level)
Two separate car accidents claimed the lives of three people on Friday, among them the nephew of MK Ya’acov Edri (Kadima) and a 10-year-old boy.
The boy died Friday after he was hit by a car while crossing the Coastal Highway near Poleg. Initial reports said the boy was crossing the road with two friends.
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The child, who was seriously injured after being hit by a private vehicle, was rushed by Magen David Adom paramedics to Laniado Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.
Earlier Friday, a separate car accident on Route 4 near Binyamina resulted in the deaths of two others. The accident, a head-on collision, occurred between two private vehicles.
Police said one of the cars involved in the accident failed to stop at the traffic light.
Rand Beniaminov, 22, from Or Akiva, and Eliyahu Edri, 18, were killed. Edri, who is Ya’acov Edri’s nephew, was an IDF soldier.
Edri was in serious condition when he was rushed to the hospital where he died from his wounds.
Upon receiving the news that his nephew had died in the fatal collision, Edri said, “Eliyahu was named after his grandfather. He was a good friend to his cousin, also named Eliyahu, and who was with him in the car.”
On Saturday morning, a motorcyclist died after he lost control and crashed into a concrete barrier while traveling northbound on the Ayalon Highway near the Dov Hoz junction.
Police were investigating the circumstances of the accident.