Septet forum meets to discuss UN Hariri tribunal

Inner cabinet meeting takes place instead of security cabinet gathering; UN interim report expected to be published in next two weeks.

Hizbullah Nasrallah on TV 311 AP (photo credit: Associated Press)
Hizbullah Nasrallah on TV 311 AP
(photo credit: Associated Press)
The seven member ministerial forum known as the 'Septet' met Wednesday morning to discuss the UN tribunal of the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.
In addition to the prime minister, the septet includes three key Likud ministers, Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Intelligence Agencies Minister Dan Meridor and Minister without Portfolio Benny Begin; and the heads of the coalition’s three largest parties – Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman from Israel Beiteinu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak from Labor and Interior Minister Eli Yishai from Shas.
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The meeting took place instead of the security cabinet meeting which takes place every other Wednesday. The UN committee's interim report is expected to be published in the next two weeks.
On Monday, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) claimed that it had uncovered evidence that strongly implicated Hizbullah in the 2005 assassination.

The report detailed aspects of the ongoing investigation which, they say, strongly link Hizbullah to the murder via an intricate Lebanese network of mobile phones.
A detailed analysis of phone records allegedly point "overwhelmingly" to Hizbullah's involvement, they say, showing the members of the group were in frequent contact on the day of the attack and coordinated the detonation.
In response to the report, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Tuesday: "I personally think that the media leaks do not serve the course of justice."
Herb Keinon contributed to this report.