Sides argue over Kamm sentencing behind closed doors

Sentencing hearing for Anat Kamm, convicted of possessing, distributing secret info on state security, begins behind closed doors in TA court.

anat kamm and avigdor feldman_311 (photo credit: Ron Friedman)
anat kamm and avigdor feldman_311
(photo credit: Ron Friedman)
The sentencing pleas in the Anat Kamm case began Thursday behind closed doors in the Tel Aviv District Court.
Due to the nature of some of the evidence and testimonies, which concern secret documents dealing with matters of state security, the media, the public and Kamm’s own family members were asked to exit the courtroom, with only the parties themselves and the courthouse staff remaining behind.
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The judges also had a special closed circuit computer system installed so they could access the case material without fear of a security breach.
Kamm was convicted in February of possession and distribution of secret information, after signing a plea bargain with the state, which agreed to reduce her charges from the original indictment of espionage with intent to harm national security.
As part of the deal, Kamm confessed that she had handed over to Haaretz journalist Uri Blau thousands of secret documents she had stolen from her army base while serving as an assistant to the OC of Central Command.
The maximum sentence for the offense is 15 years in prison, but Kamm’s defense team, led by Avigdor Feldman, is expected to argue in favor of a far lesser sentence, claiming that no harm had resulted from her actions and that in any case they were the product of a young and idealistic, albeit misguided, mind.
In numerous media interviews, Kamm has said that she leaked the information because she thought it would bring to light injustices committed by the IDF.
Kamm has spent nearly two years under house arrest and is forced to be accompanied everywhere she goes, even to bathroom brakes during the trial.
A second hearing was scheduled for July 4.
On Wednesday, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein’s office said they had held a pre-indictment hearing for Blau, before charging him with possession of secret information, and that Weinstein would decide by the end of the month on whether or not to go ahead and charge him.