Social clothing brand launches Carmel campaign

NU and Haifa-born rapper SHI360 release YouTube video; team up with social activists, young entrepreneurs; plan to pitch to Birthright.

NU Carmel fire shirt 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
NU Carmel fire shirt 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
NU Campaign is at it again. The social clothing brand that brought you the Sderot 15- second campaign, the Jewish Heart for Africa solar energy campaign and others has taken up a new cause – restoring the Carmel.
As part of the effort, called HOPE for the Carmel, NU has launched a video on YouTube featuring rapper SHI360 and a montage of footage of the fire that ravaged the Carmel at the beginning of the month. NU and SHI360 also teamed up with young entrepreneurs and social activists from PresenTense, Bring It In Israel and Eco Jewish Seminars.
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The striking images of the forest aflame and the firefighters who fought it are set to the music of rapper SHI360, who grew up in Haifa and thus has a special connection to Mount Carmel.
Alongside the video, NU has launched its trademark T-shirt campaign. The Hope/Tikva T-shirt features a tree with its roots reaching down and the story of the Carmel fire on the inside near the wearer’s heart.
NU Campaign founder David Kramer told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that it was part of their yearold concept of responding to events and championing causes in Israel.
“We started the campaign because we felt strongly the need to respond. We called up SHI360, who we’ve been in touch with for awhile.
Shi lived in Haifa for 10 years, so the fire really hit a note with h i m ; he is very connected to the story.
“He wrote the song. We brought in some other groups – Presen- Tense, Bring it In Israel and Eco Jewish Seminars and we knocked out the video in two days,” he said.
The campaign was launched last Thursday evening and has already received fantastic feedback.
Sales of the T-shirt have also started to pick up, Kramer said.
The next step is pitching it to Birthright/Taglit groups, according to Kramer.
“Shi is going to be performing at the mega-event for Birthright next week and talking about the campaign,” Kramer said.
Kramer and NU Campaign are in discussions with several large organizations to determine how the funds raised from the campaign can best be used.
Other NU Campaigns have included Save a Child’s Heart, Leket Israel and Matisyahu for Haiti.