Survey shows med school applications on the rise

Study by the Council for Higher Education indicates on drop in application to law and business programs in Israeli universities.

Doctors perform surgery (generic) R 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Swoan Parker)
Doctors perform surgery (generic) R 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Swoan Parker)
Medicine remains the most in-demand study track in Israeli universities, while the number of applicants for law and business programs has dropped, according to a recent study by the Council for Higher Education.
The council’s figures show that 1,600 students competed for only 440 available spots in the country’s medical schools this year. The acceptance rate for faculties of medicine in 2012 is one out of four applicants, remaining constant since 1990.
The number of students interested in law and business administration programs, however, has significantly fallen from its peak in 2005, when the number of recorded candidates reached 2,190. This year, faculties received 1,405 applications for such programs, and 785 students were accepted – the same number as in 2005.
Acceptance criteria in universities across the country have become more and more difficult to meet in the past few years, driving an increasing number of students to turn to private colleges as an alternative.
Out of the 31,000 students who applied to local universities this past year, only about 18,600 of them were accepted.