TA Bialik-Rogozin students get a grip on Oscar glory

Children, who attend school that was focus of Oscar-winning documentary 'Strangers No More,' shared last day of class with Academy Award statues.

Strangers no More 288 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Strangers no More 288
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon, makers of the 2011 Academy Award winning documentary short Strangers No More, brought their two Oscars to the south Tel Aviv school featured in the film on Monday for a celebration with the students held to mark the last day of classes.
Goodman said the ceremony, and seeing the kids for the first time since they won the Oscar in February, was “really moving,” and that “it is really touching to share the Oscar with them. Really, the Oscar is theirs.”
Bialik-Rogozin School Principal Karen Tal said the ceremony was very moving for her and her faculty, adding that it is “something that the students will remember their whole lives. The kids are very proud of the respect and honor they were able to bring to the school and the rest of the country.”
The documentary takes viewers through a year in the life of the school, where around 800 students from over 48 countries study. The movie focuses on the lives of three kids in particular, Esther from South Africa, Johannes from Eritrea, and Mohammed from Sudan. All three were on hand Monday, where they finally got to lay their hands on the Oscars.