Teenager ‘lured pizza delivery men into robberies’

Officers use Facebook to help track down suspect.

Thinkstock Israeli police 370 (photo credit: Thinkstock)
Thinkstock Israeli police 370
(photo credit: Thinkstock)
Police charged a 16-yearold resident of the central region on Wednesday with a series of brutal robberies of pizza delivery men.
An investigation was launched at the end of July after one of the robbery victims called the police’s emergency number to report an attack.
The robbery victim said he was called out to Moshav Magshimim, near Petah Tikva, to deliver a pizza, when a youth wielding a metal pole attacked him.
The youth stole 2,000 shekels and a valuable cellphone.
Police launched an investigation, which saw officers employ Facebook to help track down the youth.
“Today, there are a number of computer programs that can assist in locating suspects,” a police source familiar with the investigation told The Jerusalem Post. “Once certain characteristics are available, we can go through Facebook to search for suspects.
“We are increasingly using this tool in investigations,” the source added.
In recent days, youth police officers swooped on the suspect’s address and arrested him.
In the police interrogation room, the suspect at first denied all suspicions, but was then presented with alleged evidence linking him to the crime.
“He confessed, admitting to two other aggravated robberies of pizza delivery men,” police said.
The suspect allegedly used a public pay phone to order pizza, sending out the victims to desolate locations at nights.
He then allegedly waited with a second youth for the delivery men to arrive, before assaulting and robbing them.
“He also stole their motorbikes, went on joyrides and set the vehicle on fire,” police added.
Police said the youth described each robbery in great deal.
“We are still searching for his accomplice,” the police source added.