Two brothers indicted for sexually abusing nieces

Southern Prosecutor's Office alleges brothers raped, sodomized nieces over 35 years, at ages as young as 6.

Rape thinkstock 370 (photo credit: thinkstock )
Rape thinkstock 370
(photo credit: thinkstock )
The Southern Prosecutor’s Office filed indictments on Monday against two brothers for sexual offenses, including rape and sodomy, against a number of their nieces when they were as young as age six.
According to the indictments in the Beersheba District Court, the crimes were perpetrated as far back as 1976, sometimes over a period of consecutive years. The first round of offenses allegedly occurred between 1976 and 1982.
But some of the crimes occurred as recently as 2011, according to the indictments.
After many of the attacks, the brothers would give their nieces money and candy and threaten them that they could not tell anyone because it was their special secret, according to the indictments.
Some of the alleged offenses happened so long ago that they cannot be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations.
One of the brothers previously served prison time for similar offenses.
The brothers typically isolated their younger family members in their homes where no one could come to help, according to the prosecution.
Excuses the brothers allegedly used to draw their family members into their homes included requests for help with cleaning and offers to give them popsicles.
Once the victims were alone with one or both of the brothers, they would forcibly rape them or commit other sexual acts with them against their will, according to the prosecution.
Many of the alleged incidents occurred around holidays such as Rosh Hashana and Succot when the extended family came together.
There is a ban on publishing the names of the brothers and their alleged victims.
The indictments were filed with requests to hold the brothers in custody until the end of the proceedings.