'We will appeal; state's conduct merits probe'

Katsav's lawyer says "not a banner day for democracy" as some proclaim; former president: They made a serious mistake it will be proven."

Bibi netanyahu (photo credit: JPost Staff)
Bibi netanyahu
(photo credit: JPost Staff)
Former president Moshe Katsav's lawyer Tzion Amir on Tuesday responded to his client's seven year sentence, saying that it was "a sad day of mourning" and not a "banner day for democracy, as some people were painting it to be".
Amir said that the sentence was not surprising given the judges' opinions. No one accounted for the fact that during four and a half years no consideration was given to the trials and tribulations that the former president faced.
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He addressed the minority opinion given by Judge Judith Shevach, who he said made very "harsh statements about the authorities that even justify an investigative committee." Shevach criticized former attorney-general Menahem Mazuz's handling of the case and gave her opinion that Katsav should have been sentenced to four years in prison.
Amir said that he would appeal the sentence in the Supreme Court.
Katsav's lawyer said that all of the details of the investigation and the case should be made open to the public.
Prosecution lawyer Ronit Amiel praised the sentence Katsav received stating, " The verdict speaks for itself."
Katsav broke down in tears when he received his sentence, saying, " they are wrong. They made a serious mistake it will be proven. The lie won the day, you will all see."
Katsav added, " the women know that they lied. I was not given a chance to defend myself... you kept interrupting my testimony."