Woman rescues kittens ‘from kids on bikes’

Animal welfare charity lodges police complaint after receiving report that children attempted to run over kittens with bikes on Friday night.

woman with cat (photo credit: Courtesy Ahava)
woman with cat
(photo credit: Courtesy Ahava)
An animal welfare charity has lodged a police complaint after receiving a report that children attempted to run over kittens with their bikes on Friday night.
A volunteer with the Ahava charity, Suzan, who emigrated to Israel from Canada, said she was out for a walk in Kiryat Ono on Yom Kippur when she saw a group of children on bikes and heard “a terrible scream from a kitten.”
The children burst out laughing.
“I ran to where they were and saw that they ran over a kitten [with their bikes], and that they were trying to run over another kitten,” Suzan added.
Suzan rushed over to a woman who appeared to have a link to the children and asked for her help.
“She told me, ‘why are you making a big deal out of this? The children are just playing, it’s only kittens,’” Suzan recounted.
The volunteer threatened to call the police, and in response, she said, a relative of the woman came to the area and “threatened me.” Ahava staff were called to the area and rescued the kittens.
Three are expected to make a full recovery, while two more will likely suffer from a limp, but are described as “incredibly friendly.” A fifth kitten died from his injuries.
Ahava has requested that members of the public come forward and adopt the kittens. It has also offered a cash reward to anyone who comes forward with information on those involved in harming the animals.
Ahava can be reached on 03- 6446888 or 054-8158972