Yishai: We will delay deporting migrant-workers' children

Interior minister says decision to deport children of foreign workers who are in state schools, family members postponed by number of months.

Eli Yishai 311 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Eli Yishai 311
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) announced Wednesday that the decision to implement deportation of the children of foreign workers already studying in state school and kindergartens, and members of their families, has been postponed for a number of months.
The government will however begin implementing its deportation of families that do not meet the government-set criteria very soon, Yishai added.
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In an official statment from the Interior Ministry, Yishai said "after finishing all the necessary requirements, and sensitive attention paid to the public, I have delayed the enforcement of deportation for those families with children already studying in educational institutions within Israel."
Yishai added that "at this stage, we will begin with the children of families for whom there is no disagreement as to their non-compliance with government-agreed conditions."
The Population and Immigration Authority said that "we face one of the most sensitive and complex missions we have yet had to carry out until now. We have adequately prepared ourselves in order to implement the government's decision as it was stipulated."