Come together

The Haifa Symphony Orchestra heads down Abbey Road.

beatles abbey road 88 (photo credit: )
beatles abbey road 88
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The Beatles' Abbey Road is perhaps one of the most widely covered musical works of the 20th century. Songs from the 1969 album have been covered by artists from every walk of musical life, from Phil Collins to Aerosmith to Tenacious D, and the album is often ranked as one of the 20 greatest of all time. It was only a matter of time until The Haifa Symphony Orchestra got the chance to pay tribute to the legendary music, which it will do at a special one-time concert entitled "A Homage to The Beatles' Abbey Road." The H.S.O., along with rocker Yermi Kaplan (pictured) leading his band Revolvers, will perform The Beatles' last recorded album in its entirety, staying as close to the original orchestration as possible. Under the supervision of Noam Sheriff, the performers will do their best to preserve the essence and vitality of the beautifully crafted music. Gil Raveh conducts. Saturday, 9 p.m., Haifa AUditorium, (04) 859-9499