January 14: Readers weigh in on Wallström

"How many million Muslims will have to be killed by their co-religionists before Wallström and her ilk start demanding that the killers be tried for extra judicial killings?"

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
With regard to “J’lem accuses Swedish FM of supporting terrorism” (January 13), Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has shown the world that she sincerely believes in the international Muslim caliphate. When her country becomes as lawless as Angela Merkel’s, she will be one of the first to be found guilty and tried for hatred of Islam.
Wallström is following the example of US President Barack Obama in espousing the truest form of anti-Semitism: Jews and Israelis can do no right and have no human rights; Muslim Arabs, Iranians and, of course, Palestinians can do no wrong.
How many million Muslims will have to be killed by their co-religionists before Wallström and her ilk start demanding that the killers be tried for extra judicial killings?
I was perplexed as to why the foreign minister of Sweden is spending so much energy focusing on the “extrajudicial killings” of Palestinian attackers in Israel. After all, when a Palestinian terrorist tries to stab an Israeli, and that Israeli or one of his friends eliminates the threat by shooting the aggressor, you really don’t need a judge to justify an act of self-defense.
But having given due credit and the benefit of the doubt to the Swedish foreign minister’s intelligence, I realize that she must have an ulterior motive for her stance, and it dawned on me that she relates to the Palestinian “victims,” as they must remind her of her own nation’s population.
A Palestinian perpetuating an act of violence knows he or she will be killed, so in reality, this constitutes suicide. Since Sweden has one of the world’s highest suicide rates, investigating the situation in Israel could shed light on why the Swedes are such fans of self-destruction.
Israel should not be upset by Margot Wallström’s comments, as they are not anti-Israel. Rather, they are motivated by the pure desire of the foreign minister to preserve Swedish lives. There’s no other plausible explanation as to why she would chose to focus on this particular issue when there are so many other injustices in the world.
ARON B. BICK, Los Angeles
In view of the Swedish foreign minister’s continuous and remorseless anti-Israel haranguing, it seems to me that the very least we can do to show our anger is to avoid buying any Swedish products, including those from IKEA, Sweden’s flagship enterprise in Israel.
SUSAN ADDLEMAN, Mevaseret Zion
The wisdom displayed by the Swedish foreign minister, implicitly calling on Israeli soldiers and civilians to shoot to injure, rather than kill Palestinian terrorists lunging at them with knives, brings to mind a pearl of wisdom proposed at the 1787 American Constitutional Convention.
One delegate, concerned that a standing army might constitute a threat to democracy, proposed that the army be limited to 3,000 troops. To this, George Washington retorted: A clause should be added to the Constitution requiring that no enemy attempt to invade the United States with anything more than 3,000 troops.
The writer is a retired professor of American history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem Post apologizes to Prof. Amiram Goldblum of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for attributing to him, through an editing error, incorrect statements in “Knesset panel: Academics should exercise restraint in political discourse” (January 12).
Prof. Goldblum did not say or write any of the expressions attributed to him in the story. Moreover, he previously denounced these expressions in several media outlets.