July 18: Moral? No...

As I sadly watched Wednesday's events unfold, I cannot fathom why you do not have something as basic as the death penalty for avowed murderers.

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letters to the editor 88
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Moral? No... Sir, - I realize that compared to most countries around the world, including the US, Israel is relatively young and maybe still needs to work out the kinks. But for the life of me, as I sadly watched Wednesday's events unfold, I cannot fathom why you do not have something as basic as the death penalty for avowed murderers such as the one that was pardoned and sent home to a hero's welcome ("A swap only Israelis can fathom," Herb Keinon, July 17). My sadness at seeing Ehud and Eldad come home in coffins was compounded by the fact that there is nothing in Israeli law that would have allowed for the beast Kuntar to be sent home the same way. A nation that allows something like this to occur cannot be called moral. MARSHA GREENBERG Stamford, Connecticut ...oh yes Sir, - I salute Israel for her moral fortitude in retrieving the remains of fallen soldiers, albeit at a terribly high price. The festivities in Lebanon surrounding the release of the murderers puts Israel on the moral high ground. This will not alleviate the sorrow of the mourning Israeli families, who remain in our thoughts. DANIEL NASH London Smug mug Sir, - Did I really need to see the ugly face of child-killer Kuntar on the front page of my Post yesterday? Talk about rubbing salt into the wound, when you placed it right next to the heart-breaking picture of Ehud's widow ("Karnit Goldwasser finally free to mourn," July 17). SUSAN TARAGIN Jerusalem Sir, - The quotation from Mein Kampf in J.P. Gilbert's letter (July 17) should be de rigueur reading for those who hold the fate of our nation in their hands. Every prime minister and MK taking the oath of office should have Hitler's words engraved on their consciousness. VICTOR KAGAN Jerusalem Get serious Sir, - In the spirit of Evelyn Gordon's excellent "Hizbullah's next pretext" (July 17) it is time for the leaders of the IDF and Foreign Ministry to assert themselves and demand of the UN a methodical, kilometer-by-kilometer Israel-UN inspection of the area south of the Litani River to ascertain that UN Security Council Resolution 1701 has been properly enforced. Hizbullah rocket launching emplacements must be destroyed. All homes need to be inspected for munitions and missiles. The time to play "make-believe" in the spirit of Oslo has long since passed. If we are not for ourselves, what are we? And if not now, when? CHAYIM SEIDEN Jerusalem Sir, - Re "Negotiator Dekel now free to 'focus' on Schalit talks" (July 17): There should be no need to negotiate for Gilad Schalit's return alive. Our government should simply and emphatically say to Hamas: Until Schalit is returned unharmed, not one shekel will be transferred to the Gaza authorities. Not one service will be rendered, not one cooperative act from Israel will continue. Gaza wants and needs far, far more from us than we want from them. We should act accordingly. PHIL CHERNOFSKY Jerusalem