July 27 - Gratuitous mention

Concerns about Meron Reuben; Netanyahu needs to stand up to Obama.

letters 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters 88
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Gratuitous mention
Sir, – I am all for pointing out when individuals (or groups) in the haredi world (or any other population) act in a manner that is antithetical to Torah or communal principles of law. However, when reporting on the fire that destroyed over 1,000 dunams (“Careless teenagers suspected of starting Jerusalem forest fire,” July 26), why was it necessary to say “...students from a haredi school in the Jerusalem area were hiking...?” If the students had been from a local public school, would the editor have noted the fact?
ZE’EV M. SHANDALOV Ma’ale Adumim
Break a leg
Sir, – I fully agree with Steve Linde’s comment that being a native English speaker and a seasoned diplomat are excellent assets for a UN ambassador (“My cousin, the ambassador to the UN,” July 25). However, I cannot stress strongly enough that while these assets are indeed necessary, more important is that this person should also be an “actor.”
The UN is a world stage, and anything spoken there should have all the necessary, heartfelt vocal emphasis and stress to bring across the intended points.
How often have I wanted to bonk some of our present spokespeople for rebutting false claims with the correct words, but with a lack of emphasis and power necessary to bring the point across.
I look forward to hearing Meron Reuben “perform” on the UN stage and wish him every success.
Up to PM
Sir, – The decision of the US on the PLO mission sparked outrage from Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida (“US: PLO mission can now fly flag, but no upgrade in diplomatic status,” July 25). “The US rewards his corrupt, autocratic PLO with more symbols of legitimacy, treating it like a sovereign state,” Ros-Lehtinen said of Mahmoud Abbas, “...but the US still refuses to move our embassy to Israel’s chosen capital.”
It should have been the prime minister of Israel speaking out against this disgusting legitimization and the refusal to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.
Netanyahu has a clear choice: Either he stands strong and fights for the Land of Israel and its people, or he continues to pander to Obama, in which case the score to this tragic charade will be a win for the fake Palestinians and an own goal for Israel.
Very strange case
Sir, – Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde – who are you? One day you admonished the court for dismissing the “instincts of a man on the ground facing an oncoming car – a man who was not operating in air conditioned chambers,” and for doubling his sentence for killing a thief (“Outlaws over lawmen,” Editorial, July 25). You called it “counterproductive.”
Yet in the previous editorial (“IDF morality exemplified at Al- Maqadmah mosque,” July 23), you supported the punishment of three IDF officers who killed a Kassam-launching crew in the Gaza war while inadvertently killing a number of people in an adjacent mosque. Would it not have also been “counterproductive” had the Kassam crew lived to launch its rockets at an Israeli city, possibly killing untold numbers of Israeli citizens? I think these soldiers followed their instincts and acted to protect our lives – just like the policeman who stopped a car thief from endangering his life, and possibly the lives of others.
Fake bill of goods
Sir, – I find it nothing short of ludicrous that there are still questions being asked about the Gush Katif expulsion (“‘If I had to do it again, I’d make them drag me out by my hair,’” July 23).
Are we forgetting that we live in a country that after 15 or more years of planning and building, still doesn’t have a light rail system operating in Jerusalem? Or that the train ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem after decades of talk, drawing boards and possibly some digging still takes a donkey’s lifetime to reach its destination? How did we ever believe that moving Gush Katif’s 8,000 people and supplying them with housing, education and employment – in short, the basics they needed – could be planned and executed by any government in just a few months. But that’s exactly what they sold us.
Won’t we ever learn?
Gagging Boney M
Sir, – A short article tucked away on Page 9 of the July 23 Jerusalem Post mentions how the Palestinians ordered the 1970s disco group Boney M, which was performing in Ramallah, not to sing “By the Rivers of Babylon,” whose chorus quotes from the book of Psalms in referring to the exiled Jewish people’s yearning to return to the biblical land of Israel (“Boney M told to forget ‘Babylon’ at W. Bank gig”).
This little incident could easily go unnoticed. Yet it is just another example of the crime of cultural and historical genocide being perpetrated by the Palestinian regime in an attempt to rob the Jewish people of its culture and history, especially anything that connects it to the Land of Israel (which is just about the entire Bible).
It is time that the Jewish people and true human rights organizations world-wide wake up and protest loudly this crime being committed against the Jewish people’s history. This is incitement at its peak, and the true root of the entire Middle East conflict – the denial by the Arab and Palestinian regimes of the Jewish people’s ancient and historical connections to the land.
LARRY BIGIO Zichron Ya’akov
Do-it-yourself Singapore
Sir, – It’s quite interesting to think that the international community would like to see Gaza become another Singapore (“Hong Kong? Singapore? Don’t hold your breath,” July 23).
During my recent visit to Singapore I experienced a country that was beautiful, not only in its physical appearance but in the beauty of its citizens, who were kind and generous. In addition, there was a sense of serenity.
It is the Singaporean government that took action to make sure the country is what it is today. Palestinians should not wait for others to make changes – they should take charge and make a change for themselves.
Ginot Shomron
Power of imagery
Sir, – Freedom of speech does not include the right to shout fire in a crowded theater. Neither does it include the right to incite hatred of minority groups, be they Arabs, haredim, settlers or political opponents (“Shenkar student slammed for using totalitarian imagery against the Right,” July 22).
The excuse given by Itzik Rennert, head of the visual communication department at Shenkar, that the imagery in question was not specifically Nazi, was as disingenuous as saying a swastika was not specifically a Nazi symbol as it had been used in India for decorative purposes centuries ago.
If there is a danger to Israel’s democracy it is from Yossi Even- Kama and his like, be they on the extreme Left or on the extreme Right.
Petah Tikva

Let’s hear it for CUFI
Sir, – Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, talked at an event in Washington, DC, where 4,500 Christians marched to demonstrate their support for Israel.
Regrettably, this event did not get its deserved media coverage.
Since The Jerusalem Post also failed to publish this pro-Israel event, I hope your readers will Google “Christians United for Israel” and learn about it. It is gratifying to know that CUFI boasts 420,000 members, all standing up for Israel.
Zichron Ya’akov