July 7: Wifely remedy

DITTA & JACK ROSENTHAL: My eminently practical wife suggests we withdraw our heavy concentration of armor along the Gaza perimeter.

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letters to the editor 88
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Wifely remedy Sir, - Re "IDF masses forces as 2nd Kassam hits Ashkelon" (July 6): My eminently practical wife, who has for 56 years been the undisputed successful manager of our family, suggests we withdraw our heavy concentration of armor and position primitive artillery, similar to the Kassams, along the Gaza perimeter. Then, whenever they shoot we reciprocate - perhaps a little more forcefully. Once they experience the same fear as the people of Sderot and Ashkelon have, their population would probably exert pressure on Hamas or whoever is sending the Kassams to stop. Everything else has failed so far. Maybe my wife is right? DITTA & JACK ROSENTHAL Tel Aviv Top of the list Sir, - Is Absorption Minister Boim's concern the Americans and their intermarriage problems, or the dollars they bring into the country? ("Boim: American aliya should be top immigration priority," July 6.) How about giving priority to those living at risk in hostile communities (Ethiopia) and to those who have been waiting a long time (the Bnei Menashe)? I agree that Americans can benefit from Israeli life and that we have much to contribute here, but let's think first about our brothers in dire need. SARA LEE WOOLF Ramat Beit Shemesh Our values & theirs Sir, - Re your editorial of June 30 "Showdown with Hamas," which began: "As Israelis agonize over endangering innocent Palestinians while killing terrorists..." I would like to state that I am not among those "agonizing Israelis." I believe we should not hesitate to kill terrorists even if some Palestinian civilians might also be killed in the process. It is well known that the terrorists deliberately operate from the midst of civilians, cynically exploiting high Israeli moral standards. The failure to kill terrorists when the opportunity presents itself endangers our lives and is equivalent to placing a higher value on the lives of Palestinian civilians than on the lives of Israeli civilians. Finally, it is not out of place to point out that the terrorists enjoy backing from the civilian population. Whereas Israelis are truly sorry when Palestinian civilians are killed, many Palestinians do not even try to hide their delight at the killing of Israelis. NATHAN AVIEZER Bar-Ilan University Ramat Gan There goes 'pride'! Sir, - Without entering into the moral issue, would someone please explain the relation of the word "pride" to the proposed parade in Jerusalem? ("Religious leaders unite to protest gay parade in capital," July 5.) Having already appropriated the word "gay," which used to indicate innocence and joy, it seems we are now in danger of losing "pride." If, as we are meant to believe, homosexuals are born and not made, where does pride come into it? One might as well be proud of having been born with blue eyes instead of brown. All similar parades I have seen (on TV) have been vulgar displays, offensive to most of the public, secular as well as religious. Today one hears a lot about people's "rights" but little about their obligations. Rights need to be earned by proving they are merited. If the homosexual community wishes to be accepted and understood it should begin by showing the same respect for the feelings of others that they wish for themselves. GRACE DAYAN Jerusalem