March 26: Soldiers or sitting ducks?

What is the point of training our soldiers with guns, then requiring them to behave like sitting ducks when attacked by stones and Molotov cocktails?

Soldiers or sitting ducks?
Sir, – I read Thursday’s article on new IDF rules of engagement with absolute astonishment and dismay (“IDF tightens West Bank rules of engagement,” March 25). What is the point of training our soldiers with guns, and then requiring them to behave like sitting ducks when being attacked by stones and Molotov cocktails? Perhaps the army should stock our jeeps with stones and Molotov cocktails so our soldiers can answer like with like.
This will just make it “open season” for terrorists to attack our troops patrolling roads in order to keep civilians safe. How is the army going to deter the attacks when the perpetrators realize there is no danger to them? Stones can kill, too.
We can’t just kiss and make up
Sir, – It was refreshing to read the article “Say it ain’t so, Joe” (March 24) by David Breakstone. He presented the truth as he saw it when he said, referring to the so-called gaffe by the government during the vice president’s visit, “I think what happened was intentional.”
I believe the type of relationship that will be left between Joe Biden and us will be like the relationship between a husband and wife after one party has been proven unfaithful. The two parties may kiss and make up, but the underlying trust will never be the same.
If Theodor Herzl were prime minister today, I believe his pragmatic approach to the Arab-Israeli dispute would put us in line for a final settlement to our dispute. Today, since neither side seems willing to negotiate a real solution, we may be getting to the point where an imposed solution, as distasteful as it may be, is the only way to settle this dispute.
If Mexico wanted Texas back
Sir, – What would be America’s approach if Mexico starting shooting missiles at Texan cities in an attempt to get Texas back?
Would the US freeze all building in the areas that Mexico claimed until the problem was resolved (“Israel putting pledges to launch proximity talks on paper,” March 25)? How many missiles would the US accept before responding militarily? Or would it cede a part of Texas to Mexico until direct negotiations for a cease-fire or peace settlement could be achieved (assuming Mexico had this as a pre-negotiation requirement)?
The answer is obvious, especially if Mexico had previously announced its primary mission was to wipe America off the map.
So why does the US recommend these ideas to Israel?
‘God is with you’
Sir, – I just want to let you know that I don’t support what my government is doing in fighting against Israel (“Before Obama talks, PM defends J’lem building,” March 24). It is wrong, and I apologize on behalf of my country.
There are a lot of people here in the US who feel the way I do. I just want to encourage everybody over there not to give up on us. Many people are behind you and are praying for the peace of Jerusalem. No matter what the world says, God is with you.
FLOYD PHILLIPSBentonville, Arkanas
Sir, – The Jerusalem Post is my desktop home page.
I am very touched by the inner strength of the Jewish people in theface of continual persecution. I do not see a people on this earth wholove their land as the Jewish people do. I have just recently seen thevideo series Against All Odds Israel Survives. The depth of love andexcitement  in their eyes when telling their stories is something Ihave never seen. This world can learn a lot from the Jewish people.
I had the pleasure of visiting your country several years ago, andspoke to many people. All were very surprised that we would come justto visit them and bless them, to let them know we do care. I wept whenI had to come home, but I felt assured that I would return one day. Ibelieve that day will be soon, as the Lord is stirring my heart for theJewish people and their land. God bless!
Williams Lake, British Columbia