May 27: 'Tiger' Doron

Praise to Mr. Doron for having the tiger "balls" and dedication to attack corruption.

letters good 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters good 88
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'Tiger' Doron Sir, - Shame on me, I almost bypassed Ruthie Blum's interview with Hemi Doron ("Municipal bonds," May 24). What a candid, intelligent, refreshing and focused elucidation of our most destructive internal enemy! Praise to Mr. Doron for having the tiger "balls" and dedication to attack corruption. PESACH GOODLEY Telz Stone Missed opportunity Sir, - Re "Got it?," Haviv Rettig's interview with Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch (May 22), I am amazed that the Israeli government hasn't taken this golden opportunity to "let the Palestinians speak for themselves," and to promote Israel, whose PR is so sorely lacking. SHIRLEY ABRAMS Tel Mond Which is the greater threat? Sir, - Larry Derfner raised a very interesting question in "Why Julian Soufir doesn't vote Meretz" (May 24): Why do those crazies who kill Arabs identify with nationalism and the political Right? He pointed out that no one ever murders anyone in the name of peace, universalism or multiculturalism, the causes of the political Left. He is right; individuals identifying with the Left have never killed an individual. The Left uses the political system and the law to advance its causes, which bring about the death of hundreds, even thousands. Two examples: The Jewish majority in the Knesset initially rejected the Oslo Accord. Prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and foreign minister Shimon Peres "bribed" two members of a small right-wing party with the gift of high office and a Mitsubishi. The accord passed with a one-vote majority. The result? Under the accord the Left brought into the heart of Israel a certified killer and terrorist - Yasser Arafat - and his entire army. They provided them with weapons, a TV network and control over Arab education, all in the name of peace. The result: Approximately 2,000 Jews have been murdered, thousands crippled, and a generation of Arabs living in close proximity enthusiastically sacrifice themselves to murder Jews and destroy the Jewish state. For personal reasons Ariel Sharon made a switch and adopted the Left's program of pulling out of the Gaza Strip. Over 10,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes, 27 communities were destroyed and Arab terrorists were brought up to our border, threatening Jewish communities hitherto out of their range. The difference is clear. The Left willingly sacrifices its fellow citizens in the name of universalism, multiculturalism - and peace. The leftists are the real threat to our society. CHAYIM SEIDEN Jerusalem Dangerous dependency Sir, - Re "Cabinet to make final decision on buying Palestinian gas" (May 24): It is difficult to believe that the cabinet would go so far as to permit the country to depend for its gas supplies on a company, British Gas, whose activities may come to be controlled, if not nationalized, by a hostile Palestinian regime. The argument that the regime would not do so in order not to lose an annual revenue of $1b. hardly stands up in face of the Palestinians' historical willingness to cut off their nose to spite their face. STANLEY LAWSON Jerusalem Mouse running free Sir, - The Disney CEO who labelled Hamas's use of Mickey Mouse "despicable" said the company had complained to "government officials." Was he referring to the US government or the Hamas one? Disney should be suing the Hamas government big-time for patent infractions, or for damage to its reputation. Instead, the company decided "not to denounce the show publicly to avoid drawing further attention to it." This is illogical, since many are shocked and disapprove of the Farfur figure while Hamas successfully continues its bitter incitement against Jews, the US and the West. This is yet another example of Western apathy and appeasement of Islamist actions that will come back to haunt us all ("Disney CEO: Hamas use of Mickey Mouse is 'despicable,'" May 24). DAPHNE BURDMAN Jerusalem Us and us Sir, - Your May 22 issue gave ample coverage to the Palestinian Kassam rocket attacks against Sderot. However, placing it under the banner "Sderot Under Attack" had the effect of isolating Sderot. When the media speak of "events in the south" they are perpetuating the attitude that Israel is a nation of "us and them" - those who must suffer, and those who don't and can carry on as usual. It's almost like listening to a weather report on conditions in another part of the country that don't affect us. It is vitally necessary to stress that Israel is under attack, not just Sderot, and to make every attempt to unite our people. MOSHE KAHAN Beit El DP camp 'brit mila' Sir, - Imagine my surprise when I opened your newspaper to find my baby self perched securely on my father's shoulder in a photo showing "the interior of barracks of a Displaced Persons camp in Salzburg, Austria." I had never seen this picture, but have been told on numerous occasions that I was the first boy born in this DP camp, and that hundreds of people came to mybrit mila to celebrate the birth of a new generation. What a pity so many of my parents' family could not be there. Today, my nine children and numerous grandchildren have just begun to replace those in my family who were murdered by the Nazis. Whenever I put my own grandchildren on my shoulder I will remember this photo and imagine the joy my father would have felt had he lived to see them ("From vast Nazi archive, a panorama of misery in newly liberated Europe," May 24). YAACOV PETERSEIL Jerusalem